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Great, I am able to complete the challenge

Adriansim1970 - 2 years ago

Well done!!! Will definitely join again

Kurenai_19 - 2 years ago

I got DOMS twice during the challenge, each one during my gran fondo badge attempts which eventually cost me the elite finish. A bit disappointed to miss out on what seems to be the best looking TOGOX jersey by far.

Greybach - 2 years ago

Great event. Challenging distance. Will join the next one

richieboy - 3 years ago

missed the frst challenge so when my friends asked me to join the 920,just went ahead with it,tons od discipline needed if going for the elite finisher award.

shleesx13 - 3 years ago

Hi All...920 is my 2nd event..see my comments in togo 1050!

antucili - 3 years ago

Initially disliked the design of this round's jersey, but I guess its an acquired taste. It did grow on me well.

I had fun this round too!

lockie90 - 3 years ago

Thanks for the event, good job.

tangklrb - 3 years ago

This event has helped to build a healthy and good cycling community among the riders. They ride, eat and explore many different places in Singapore together, hence get to know more places which we will never reach without a bike. Thanks Togoparts !

thomasnlb - 3 years ago

need to commit to it. very challenging for mtb users.

glsayson - 3 years ago

second time is a charm

Maritimo - 3 years ago

fun and adventure riding with friends

andytaz77 - 3 years ago

Hi it may be late buy i guess its better late than never. Thank you for the experience! Loving more the bike community because of this kind of event. More power and more cycling to go!????

aviejhoi - 3 years ago

Loved it! Please keep making it more interesting to keep encouraging me :-). Thanks Guys!

Andy Pedals - 3 years ago

I'm new to cycling world but was enjoying the event. It was fun strolling around Singapore.

bluemokona - 3 years ago

I was just starting out for leisure when I came across the challenge ad and decide to give it a try. It was tough because it coincide with Ramadhan which is the Muslim's fasting month. So my time was quite tight. My option was before dawn. Leaving home ard 3am to start my ride and after dusk around 8pm. Longer riding hours was only doable on weekends. Nevertheless it has been a great wonderful challenge and i enjoyed myself. Thank [email protected]

mal_ali - 3 years ago

Learnt how to cycle without falling .. lose 8kg thru the challenge.. gained so much in cycling experience... gained so many friendships too. It's something that I will remember for life!

LilyLai - 3 years ago

I like to thank TOGOteam for the effort and hard work that you had contributed to make TOGO920 a success. This event had made me gained more new cycling friends into my life and cycling interest has leaped few folds ever since. I have become more persevere and patience towards what I am doing daily. This episode with TOGO920 is another accomplishment that I will proudly declare. :-)

PinaPN - 3 years ago

Hi Togoparts
I am a 1st timer taking part in any cycling event having taken up cycling only in Dec 15. With the encouragement of my group called Grace Revolution Riders ( GRR ), I managed to complete the Togopart 920 in good time. There were incidences that happened to me. I crashed into a bush one Sunday night. Has a nasty wound on my right wrist. It taught me to be more careful while riding. The admin support from Togopart was excellent & e-mails were promptly replied. The celebration was awesome & got a chance to meet with fellow riders . The only disappointment I had was choosing the wrong jersey size which was too small for me. I had initially selected the correct size but amended it after it was " re-sized ". Attempts to get an exchange at the forum was not successful. All who posted for this swap wanted a larger size. I am still hopeful that there will be a chance to swap my L for an XL. All in all, I felt a great sense of accomplishment. Thank you .
Blessed Chris

Blessed Chris - 3 years ago

Thank you Togo920 for helping me get back to the saddle for my Cobra Ironman 70.3 and Bintan Ironman 70.3 last Aug 7 and 28 respectively. The Togo920 challenge kept me on the bike despite my very hectic days. Since I am not a good swimmer I concentrated on my swim and the Togo920 was my natural alarm clock to pedal mu cycling training. The run was my favorite so it was just but normal for me to put on my running shoes and run. If not of the Togo920 I would have suffered in the bike and maybe DNFed at the worst. I will do it again soon. Thank you again Togo920 Team and to the fellow Togo920 members who have cheered for me to finish the challenge. Mabuhay!

orangestar - 3 years ago

Overall experience was great. Was a motivation for me to clock mileage. Suggest that return participation shall be given more perks, i.e.; better discount, different jersey print for finisher from first timer, etc...

Keep it going to encourage cyclist and build up the cycling community. Cheers~

Weeuweed - 3 years ago

Great and interesting place for bike information. Thanks.

CP - 3 years ago

it's fun but tough.

barrysee - 3 years ago

thank you TOGO920 Challenge, it push me to wake up early for cycling, makes lots of new friends and improve my own stamina! 100km of ride is 'sap sap water' now LOL

Ron lim - 3 years ago

Help me loose weight and stay healthy

fjgarcia - 3 years ago

Took part in this and previous event. Wonderful idea. Should be more inclusive by having different categories. By increasing distance u are turning away the weaker ones. U can reduce cost by getting more sponsors such as National Health Promotion Board and more can participate. Perhaps a year long event too to promote healthy living. Thank you for executing this concept. Falling out from the next event because of distance and cost. All the best.

kwleong63 - 3 years ago

It was an AWESOME experience. I really endured the rides and lost a good amount of weight. Got more fit on my bike. Love the experience.
The party was awesome. The Togo920 jersey was great too.
However do not really like the Togo1050 jersey design.

Timmyz37 - 3 years ago

I lost 5 kg in weight and become additive to cycling.

richardkwok68 - 3 years ago

Almost everyone I told about the event think I am crazy. But I am glad that I joined. I had lost some weight, more confident on the road and best of all, proved doubters wrong. Pressure forward to my next target.

Vicman200280 - 3 years ago

Hi, I would like to provide my feedback after attending the past TWO sessions of the challenge. First session I was there at Safra, Jurong to give support to my better half on his completed challenge and the recent event I was there with my love and our team who rode together to finish 920. The location is much better organized compared to the 1st round but unfortunately the sound system did not improve at all, it was muffed and couldnt hear clearly of what the people on stage were talking. Also, there were pillars blocking the screen as well though the drinks are the bonus to enjoy the event. Hope the upcoming 1050 challenge a better location with good sound system will make the whole event more enjoyable. Thank you and good job on organizing the event.

Marius Chin - 3 years ago

Togo920 was fun. The distance 920km is easily achievable. Initially i was targeting at 2400km, about 300km per week.

As i the fun started, there were many occassions where i told my cycling buddies, we need to take a longer route for more mileage. We spent terrific hours going for rides n there were a few who spared hours helping me in achieving my target.

As i inched closer to 2000km, i felt stronger both physically n mentally. A gd example was the Lornie/Adam stretch(heading towards farrer) which i avoided mostly, it has became a breeze.

I have many friends to thank for their support to enhance the excitement to this riding experience. Towards the 2 weeks owing to some depressing news, i was unable to hit my intended 2400km. Nevertheless, will always look forward to more 'gruesome' rides in future

woofy66 - 3 years ago

Gives you so much more motivation to go the extra few kilometers! Also makes me want to ride much more to achieve the goal. Exactly what I need. And the finishers Guernsey is great!

perrisc - 3 years ago

It's good and fun. Look forward 1050

vows - 3 years ago

TOGO920 challenge... is my first time joining this challenge.
Feeling wonderful that I was able achieve my goal and clocked my best cycling mileage for this challenge.

uncletamiya - 3 years ago

Here is a small speech I would like to make...

Well I'm S T Moorthy and I started cycling on November 2nd 2015. Along the way came Togo920 challenge and I grab upon it and started cycling not knowing I will get hooked into it. I was pretty blessed with a lot of followers and there is this special guy whom I want to mention- Known as Stong in TOGO920 and he was my motivator till the end result. His comments make me push hard and ride long till I ended as a runner up and also thanks to many other followers who gave me a positive encouragement and the fellow brothers and sisters that I met along the way who stopped me and had a chit chat and took memory photos. Thanks and cheers to all. Last but not least...remember the 3 D's..Without DISCIPLINE, DETERMINATION AND DEDICATION we can't achieve much.

Thank you

S T Moorthy - 3 years ago

Very happy to complete the challenge with my cycling kaki. Really felt great when the sense of achievement travelled down my spine (to the pedals) upon hitting the 2000km mark on a 20" bike. Many thanks to all the folks for giving me kudos and Togoparts for organising this challenge which helped shed a few more inches off my waist. Cheers!

Munny - 3 years ago

This was the first time I participated in TOGO920 event. I love the challenge and I fall in love with cycling. I lost 3 kg in 9 weeks and currently very fit. I suggest the next TOGO event to have a minimum distance of 1000 km for finisher and elite distance of 3000 km. Thank you for the superb support from Marvin when I had difficulties with Strava not recording during my ride. To all finishers and elite riders, well done!

jsckoo2016 - 3 years ago

#TOGO920 was a motivational experience, enduring the distances and fun.

Kelemel - 3 years ago

Great event that motivated participants keep cycling.

Enjoyed the challenge! Had a great achievement too!
Loose some weight in a short period of time. Looking more healthier & fitter too!I am Elite Finisher! Overall ranking 11th!

Thank you Togo920 organizers!
Well done all participants!

jneo_data - 3 years ago

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team for organizing the #TOGO920 Challenge. It was my first time ever to join in a cycling challenge and I would say I thoroughly benefited from the challenge.

Some of the benefits includes:
- Improved strength and stamina
- Getting to shape (lost about 10kg within the 8 weeks of cycling)
- Pushing my own limits and setting new PB (Longest distance rode)
- Get to meet new friends from Strava when they commented on some of my crazy rides.

The best take away for me personally from this challenge is to be able to get into a trimmed and fit figure which i have struggled for a long long time. In addition, the darker skin tone, due to riding under the afternoon sun daily for lunch makes me look more sporty.

For the amount of money paid for this challenge and to be able to get these benefits is a steal really. I'm glad I have signed up for the challenge.

Thank you so much once again team Togoparts.


bigniu84 - 3 years ago

Life transformation. Most of our lifestyle (team mates) have changed due to participating in #TOGO920. Needing the mileage for the 2,000km, some of us who rode once or twice a week have increased to 3-4 times a week. While those who aim for the top 50 have stop taking public transport and commute to work or even to the market/coffee shop just two streets down.

While clocking a higher mileage than usual, I (and my team mate) have manage to shake some weight off to become stronger and healthier. Nevertheless, we have to balance the long hours cycling and also spending quality and quantity time with our love ones.

kindaichi - 3 years ago