Ride Any Types of Bikes!

Ride 920km in 9 weeks.
Anytime, Anywhere on Any Bike.

#TOGO920 is the 2nd of 3 Challenges in 2016 to celebrate Togoparts 15th Anniversary. If you missed #TOGO810, Checkout the Finishers on the Leaderboard

Here's how TOGO920 Works:
Using the Strava App to record your rides from 14th May (Saturday) to 17th July 2016 (Sunday), you must ride at least 920km, about 115km per week to become a Finisher. The Reward? The Finisher Jersey and an Embroidered #TOGO920 Badge is yours for the taking!

You can ride on anywhere on your own time and schedule, for any reason, on any type of bike that is non-assisted/non-electric powered.

Stand to win attractive lucky draw prizes including the Cannondale Caad 8 105 worth $2400 by Cannasia! Only for finishers!

Ride anywhere in the World!

Ride for any reason or anywhere in the World!

Cycle to the market or go across the causeway to hit the slopes. Anyone can participate around the globe as long as you have an Internet connection to log your rides! The World is your global cycling village.

#TOGO920 Finisher Jersey

#TOGO920 Finisher Jersey

Upon completing 920km with the Challenge period, you automatically qualify to receive the Finisher Jersey. Awesome isn't it?

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* Jersey Design, Colours and Sponsors and positions subjected to Change.

#TOGO920 Elite Finishers

We heard you! New to #TOGO920, seasoned cyclists who clock more than 2,000km will get an specially coloured ELITE Finisher Jersey!

Following up from #TOGO810 the Top Man and Woman who clocks the furthest distance for #TOGO920 will get the Blue and Purple Jersey Respectively.

Elite Finisher Jerseys

Top50 Caps & Top100 Sun Sleeves

Top 100 cyclists who clock the MOST distance within the Challenge dates will receive a special "Top100" #TOGO920 Sun Sleeves on Top of the Finisher Jersey. The Top 50 will get the "Top50" Finisher Cap thrown in as well!

Sleeves and Caps
Ride for Rainbows

Riding for a Cause and Starting Early

Club Rainbow and Togoparts.com has teamed up to give you the perfect opportunity to ride for charity and be rewarded at the same time! Register for Ride for Rainbows 2016 at https://www.rideforrainbows.org/Fundraiser-Registration/ and sign up for ‪#‎TOGO920‬ at a discounted rate of $45. What's a better way to do your bit for charity and get cycling fit?

That's not all, if you are a Tertiary UnderGrad, you get a special rate of $39. We want our next generation to get more involved in Cycling.

See what our #TOGO810 Participants had to say

I would like to take this opportunity to thank your group for organizing this challenge as I it was a big help to attain my weight loss goal at the start of the year and the excitement and challenge o... Read more

2016Speed - 4 years ago

Throughout this journey, I had met so many friends along the way while I was cycling. Because of this challenge, I have achieved my desired fitness level and managed to meet many other enthusiastic cy... Read more

imrbean89 - 4 years ago

TOGO810 was a great initiative, it allows riders like myself to ride at our own schedule and own route but with a common goal in mind. Throughout the entire journey up to the day I collected the jerse... Read more

rickytay - 4 years ago

My bike was barely a week old when the Togo810 Challenge caught my eyes. Having underestimated the distance and happily forgotten about the set of half-century bones which my body was carrying, my fin... Read more

Munny - 4 years ago

Even though I did not manage to complete this challenge, I still want to thank the organizer for this.

Just to share my personal thoughts on this. I'm new in riding a road bike and do n... Read more

Celkoh - 4 years ago

New to Singapore so this was a great first step in losing all that weight I put on here. Down 15 kilos...so happy and this challenge gave me all the motivation I needed to give me the exercise bump!... Read more

perrisc - 3 years ago

It was my first time doing a challenge like this. I was genuinely surprised that what I already do on a daily basis could put me in such a favorable standing on the leaderboards.

It motiv... Read more

lockie90 - 3 years ago

Definitely a great initiative by Togoparts. It encouraged me to take my bike out despite the busy work schedule. Result- loose some weight, felt healthier and looks better. The rides also took me to m... Read more

leep5566 - 4 years ago

Good experience on my saddle.. needs proper budgeting.. improved my fitness..

hardie.pelicano - 3 years ago

My first TOGO challenge. I enjoyed pushing the limits with my hardtail MTB!

Wheeler_Roy - 2 years ago

It was a worth while challenge for me. I feel healthier and fit now. Especially i have lost about 10kg. I have continued to cycle and started to jog... Read more

99sherwood - 4 years ago

Hi all..This is my 1st event..see my comments in togo 920!!

antucili - 3 years ago

Good event to motivate me to cycle more.

Loo Fang Hwa - 4 years ago

Been an enjoyable and fun journey completing this challenge. This has allowed me to meet up with friends and enjoying the beautiful sights along the route. At times was pressured due to the limited pe... Read more

Surfer - 4 years ago

I entered the TOGO810 challenge because I am a 58-year-old triathlete emerging from an extended period of injury and looking to ride more to improve on my cycling fitness. Also, I needed to put in the... Read more

calvin2909 - 4 years ago

An event that keeps me cycling

Loo Fang Hwa - 4 years ago

TOGO810 is a great event. I actually plan my ride schedule due to family and work commitment as I am a bike newbie. Additionally, due to my passed injury, I am very happy to achieve 810km. As for the ... Read more

Maverick1k - 4 years ago

Thank you! Was a great motivator to do those extra miles. Please do more with stiffer targets :-)

Andy Pedals - 4 years ago

It was a good event and hereby I would to thanks my Cycling buddies that's sign up with me and ride together . You kno who you are ...And also thank the event organiser
I also learn that with su... Read more

ml94 - 4 years ago

The distance of 810 km was somewhat daunting at first, but doing it bit by bit makes it more manageable. Riding to work, riding with family during the weekends, pushing the limit barrier in the solo r... Read more

Sham2109 - 4 years ago

I was delighted that I came to know of this challenge and it is a good way to keep myself moving despite my busy schedule. It was rather challenging at certain time of the month as it had to be away f... Read more

Winniecfy_81 - 4 years ago

Great experience and sense of achievement getting the finisher jersey. However, fee is a bit on the high side. ... Read more

reks82 - 4 years ago

Yes, I did it!
Good bonding with friends and family.
Although tired, but enjoy every ride.
Eunice Tang... Read more

eunice.tang - 4 years ago

first time is always the best

Maritimo - 3 years ago

Had a great experience with TOGO810! Due to work travel, had to do 2 Century+ rides back to back to finish in time, but it was a great way to test and push personal limits. Looking forward to TOGO920!... Read more

darylong - 4 years ago

I normally was a weekend rider. Saturday to work and Sunday ride with friends. For this event, I think I did a lots of ride out of it. Although was not the top distance rider. But I did more than what... Read more

terencetan1978 - 4 years ago

810km isn't a big problem as I am a bike commuter. The problem which several experienced is the selective way that the distance was calculated. I have not tried on the jersey but remember the super lo... Read more

JackCh3n - 4 years ago

A good event, keeps me going!
Looking forward everyday to crop more mileage/ distance.
Reward was great! More healthy and energetic.

Steven Leong... Read more

Ninja3035 - 4 years ago
See more
Strava App

Take Part in 5 Simple Steps

Think you're up for the challenge? Follow these steps to sign up!

  • 1 Login as a Togoparts Member
  • 2 Fill up Registration form & Checkout via Paypal or Credit Card to join the Challenge
  • 3 Download the STRAVA app for your iOS or Android Device
  • 4 Accept the invitation to Join the Togo920 Club on Strava via E-mail (You should receive this within 1 working day)
  • 5 Start logging your rides on Strava on your own time own target

Celebrate Accomplishment!

Completing 920km in 9 weeks is no mean feat. New to #TOGO920, we are planning a private venue reserved for a participants only party to drink and celebrate away!

Beer aside, when you think about it, riding 115km a week isn't difficult - about 16.5km per day - about an hour's ride daily. However keeping it up will be where the real challenge is with our busy schedules. If you are looking for something to get you back onto your saddle but lack that push to start again, #TOGO920 is that perfect excuse.

And that sense of achievement when you unlock the Finisher's jersey? Priceless! - Join #TOGO920 today, and get rewarded just for riding your bike!

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