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My first TOGO challenge. I enjoyed pushing the limits with my hardtail MTB!

Wheeler_Roy - 2 years ago

Hi all..This is my 1st event..see my comments in togo 920!!

antucili - 3 years ago

It was my first time doing a challenge like this. I was genuinely surprised that what I already do on a daily basis could put me in such a favorable standing on the leaderboards.

It motivated me to push myself harder to stay at the top. It was great fun!

lockie90 - 3 years ago

first time is always the best

Maritimo - 3 years ago

Good experience on my saddle.. needs proper budgeting.. improved my fitness..

hardie.pelicano - 3 years ago

New to Singapore so this was a great first step in losing all that weight I put on here. Down 15 kilos...so happy and this challenge gave me all the motivation I needed to give me the exercise bump!

perrisc - 3 years ago

An event that keeps me cycling

Loo Fang Hwa - 4 years ago

Good event to motivate me to cycle more.

Loo Fang Hwa - 4 years ago

Definitely a great initiative by Togoparts. It encouraged me to take my bike out despite the busy work schedule. Result- loose some weight, felt healthier and looks better. The rides also took me to many places that I have never been before. Just signed up for the 920km challenge. See you on the rides. Be safe. Cheers.

leep5566 - 4 years ago

TOGO810 is a great event. I actually plan my ride schedule due to family and work commitment as I am a bike newbie. Additionally, due to my passed injury, I am very happy to achieve 810km. As for the Jersey collection, the queue can be improved by the ranking order. Overall, it's a great event. Well done organizers !!!

Maverick1k - 4 years ago

TOGO810 was a great initiative, it allows riders like myself to ride at our own schedule and own route but with a common goal in mind. Throughout the entire journey up to the day I collected the jersey, I interacted with the TOGO team with regards to technical and admin/logistics matters, they were very efficient and professional throughout and helped made the experience with TOGO810 a very positive one! Kudos to the team, and special shout out to Ben Chia and Serena Leong for their support. My only suggestion for future events is to see if you can reduce the registration fee by getting in more sponsors or link up with some associations (e.g. tie up with Sports SG to allow to use our SG dollars for events like this).

rickytay - 4 years ago

810km isn't a big problem as I am a bike commuter. The problem which several experienced is the selective way that the distance was calculated. I have not tried on the jersey but remember the super long queues to retrieve it. Half the time the nickname does not match the ID does not match the list. May be better if the person request the event rank. The collection date time and venue is not very flexible, I wonder how overseas participants got there jerseys.

JackCh3n - 4 years ago

The distance of 810 km was somewhat daunting at first, but doing it bit by bit makes it more manageable. Riding to work, riding with family during the weekends, pushing the limit barrier in the solo rides makes the whole experience simply awesome and unforgettable !

Overall, my fitness improved and in the process reduced some kilos. : )

It was even sweeter when my name was picked for the Tom Tom Sports Watch Lucky Draw.

Well, I am looking forward to the #togo920 that is starting soon...

I would like to thank the organisers for this wonderful cycling experience and also thank my family members for cheering and supporting me.

Well done to all participants ! Cya!

Sham2109 - 4 years ago

Great experience and sense of achievement getting the finisher jersey. However, fee is a bit on the high side.

reks82 - 4 years ago

It was a good event and hereby I would to thanks my Cycling buddies that's sign up with me and ride together . You kno who you are ...And also thank the event organiser
I also learn that with such challenge it really make me manage my schedule between work and exercise , I may not lost any weight but at least I did not feel guilty on my meals intake.
Last but not least I manage to complete the race on time as I was about to give up one week before the end of the race as I was short of about 190km .By the way I am using a 16" wheels foldies ????

ml94 - 4 years ago

Yes, I did it!
Good bonding with friends and family.
Although tired, but enjoy every ride.
Eunice Tang

eunice.tang - 4 years ago

A good event, keeps me going!
Looking forward everyday to crop more mileage/ distance.
Reward was great! More healthy and energetic.

Steven Leong

Ninja3035 - 4 years ago

My bike was barely a week old when the Togo810 Challenge caught my eyes. Having underestimated the distance and happily forgotten about the set of half-century bones which my body was carrying, my finger impulsively tapped on "Sign Up now".

I love the freedom in this challenge which was not bound by speed, time nor location.

Though I had unadventurously pedalled on the same path over the weeks, passed the same bridges and trees, each ride was somehow different, mentally challenging and enjoyable, especially seeing the kilometres accumulating on Strava, and the cute little skeletal dragon unconsciously drawn by GPS. I love the Coastal Road which seemed forever endless, and the great sense of satisfaction embracing our endurance and determination at that far end.

Many thanks to all the folks who gave me kudos during this 810km journey which was very encouraging and heart-warming indeed. That really helped and kept me going. At least I knew I was not alone.

A toast (not kaya toast but a champagne toast lah) to the Togo810 Cheerleading Team for organising this fun and "insane" challenge. I had indeed shed 6 kg after 6 weeks of fanatic pedalling on my little foldie. Losing that ounce is no longer a dream but a reality!

Definitely looking forward to another Togo810, but it would be nice if we could wear the jersey on the every first day to kick start the ride (also to identify our fellow Togo810 kakis along the way), and hang a finisher medal on our bikes to share and celebrate the accomplished achievement.

Munny - 4 years ago

Thank you! Was a great motivator to do those extra miles. Please do more with stiffer targets :-)

Andy Pedals - 4 years ago

Been an enjoyable and fun journey completing this challenge. This has allowed me to meet up with friends and enjoying the beautiful sights along the route. At times was pressured due to the limited personal time to complete the journey but with support from friends, I have finally made it. Thank you!

Surfer - 4 years ago

I normally was a weekend rider. Saturday to work and Sunday ride with friends. For this event, I think I did a lots of ride out of it. Although was not the top distance rider. But I did more than what I had just in order to maintain on the top 50.

During this ride event, total many things happens to my bike. Total 7 tyre flats (3 was nails, 4 was due to no reasons), 2 broken spokes.

Mostly I am using the east coast park service road for the clocking due to nearest to my home. Even on the cny day I am riding. But the best result is 3kg lost from this ride. After all, good event.

terencetan1978 - 4 years ago

I would like to take this opportunity to thank your group for organizing this challenge as I it was a big help to attain my weight loss goal at the start of the year and the excitement and challenge of maintaining the position you are holding in during the duration of this event. You can see how everyone pushing themselves. I'll be interested to join again in the future.

2016Speed - 4 years ago

Throughout this journey, I had met so many friends along the way while I was cycling. Because of this challenge, I have achieved my desired fitness level and managed to meet many other enthusiastic cyclist on the roads that shared the same hobby as me. Many said that achieving 810km within this time period is impossible because of hectic schedule of life especially in Singapore society. If you believe you can, you will.

imrbean89 - 4 years ago

Had a great experience with TOGO810! Due to work travel, had to do 2 Century+ rides back to back to finish in time, but it was a great way to test and push personal limits. Looking forward to TOGO920!

darylong - 4 years ago

I was delighted that I came to know of this challenge and it is a good way to keep myself moving despite my busy schedule. It was rather challenging at certain time of the month as it had to be away for some time for both months and it took discipline on my part to keep the pace going. Best part was when I managed to complete this challenge...what a sense of achievement that is! Certainly delightful.

For the next challenge, perhaps there can be a small token to further motivate the participants, such as badges or something. I would certainly put in more effort to earn these badges..haha

Overall a good challenge and I look forward to more events such as these in the future. Kudos for the great work so far!

Winniecfy_81 - 4 years ago

Even though I did not manage to complete this challenge, I still want to thank the organizer for this.

Just to share my personal thoughts on this. I'm new in riding a road bike and do not actually dare to cycle on the road and also do not dare to join any cycling team due to I do not have the speed and technique yet. So better don't be a burden to others and stress myself.

So was thinking if with this challenge, the organizer can actually start or kick off this event with a mass cycling with all the participants to meet up and cycle maybe a 50km together before we complete the challenge at our own time.

As during my ride for this challenge, as I said earlier I'm new to road bike with no cycling experience on the road. I was hoping to find someone to clock mileage with me. I do have friends who join this challenge but we do not stay at the same area. And also with different working schedule, it is actually tough to meet up to cycle together. So I will cycle alone as and when I got time.

But my challenge is, cycling alone seem dangerous on the road and also being clueless where to cycle. So I'm actually quite thankful I came back with one whole piece after cycling for 2 consecutive days alone with 100km each day. What I'm thinking during that time is, if I could find someone who also join this challenge and staying near my area we can do this together. Then it will be great.

Doing this together with someone with the same objective and achieve it together is actually more fun.

I'm actually doing more running than cycling, as running can be done alone and anywhere and anytime. But to me, cycling especially long distance, I will need to do it when there's lesser traffic.

Would like to thank #Togo810 for this great challenge and I will definitely join again but will manage my time better this time and looking to complete the challenge.

Thank you and a success to this weekend.

Celkoh - 4 years ago

It was a worth while challenge for me. I feel healthier and fit now. Especially i have lost about 10kg. I have continued to cycle and started to jog

99sherwood - 4 years ago

I entered the TOGO810 challenge because I am a 58-year-old triathlete emerging from an extended period of injury and looking to ride more to improve on my cycling fitness. Also, I needed to put in the quality miles in preparation for an upcoming challenge - a 100km ride up the 2,000m-high Mount Bromo on April 16. I am happy to report that participating in TOGO810 has given me the added motivation to go out for training rides, which I mostly do alone. It has encouraged me to explore new routes, new times of the day and days of the week to go out riding, and in the process, my love for cycling has only deepened from this experience. And oh - so too has my cycling fitness. The icing on my cake has been that while I entered TOGO810 just to complete the 810km and earn the handsome jersey, I ended up clocking 1,758km and earning 19th place overall. I look forward to more TOGO challenges in the future.

calvin2909 - 4 years ago