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 S4.0 CTT 2004 S4.0 CTT

Brand:  Soul

Category: Wheelsets

" An unreliable seller "

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Reviewed on: 12th Mar 2009 from Singapore

The Review
Ordered a set of S4 from the Soul owner through mail & by phone. Confirmed with me delivery dates of 2 weeks. Thought that the price is $480 from his current site. And he did not confirm his price either.(http://www.bikesoul.com/s4.html)

Was told by a friend few days later he had a new site & was not fully ready.

Called the Soul owner & he confirmed is the new price at $520. I was not impressed but a difference of $40 is minimal to me. A company operating 2 websites with different price..

After 12 days, decided to give him a message to check on my wheels. Was shocked to receive message 4hours later that my wheels have to wait another 3 weeks. There was no explanation or apology from this person.

A wheelset to wait for 5 weeks with attitude. I don't know about others, i certainly know this person is not sincere about selling.

Nil. Only seller problem.

Nil. Only seller problem.

Duration of product used
Not Sure

Bike Setup
Road bike Giant Ultrega SL & Dura Ace group set Vision aero bar system

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