FRM Tubeless Sealant 2008

FRM  Tubeless Sealant  2008

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Brand: FRM
Category: Sealant

Description: - Converts tube tyres into Tubeless with RRS rim strip or White Tape | - Seals any UST tyre | - If used correctly it can sela holes up to 6mm | - It can be used all year around, even in sub-zero conditions | - It does not throw the wheel out of balance as most get-type sealants do | - 50 to 80cc of sealant to seal 19" -2,2" tyres (26") | - Available in 500cc (pint) or 1.000cc (quart) With UST compatible tires it is sufficient to insert 50 ml of Sealant into the tire and to inflate to the usual pressure. In this case the sealant acts only for puncture-repair and has no function in sealing the tire-rim interface. Using the sealant with UST tires also helps to prevent the slight air-loss often found with this type of tire therefore avoiding a reduction in air-pressure over time. | | Please take note of the tire manufactures compulsory notices!!!

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" For once dry is good! "

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Reviewed on: 4th Aug 2008 from Singapore Singapore

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The best I had used so far!

Very sticky, Thick and Light weight compound once dried...All is good!

Takes abit of time to dry, only can be found at bikelabz at the moment. Cheap!

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3 months

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Market bike

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