Manitou Revox ISX 2008

Manitou  Revox ISX  2008

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Brand: Manitou
Category: Rear Shocks

Description: The Revox project started with a blank piece of paper and an idea that we would produce a shock that combined the best technology, materials and technical know-how into one World Cup winning package. Extensive testing has proven the performance of the Revox to be head and shoulders above any of the current crop of long travel dampers, making it one of Manitou?s most successful development projects to date. Features include an all new speed sensitive Intrinsic damper design, our own titanium coil spring, and an impressive range of external adjustments. One ride on the Revox and all North Shore tester Andrew Shandro could say was, ?unbelievable.? | | Size: 222 X 70mm; 240 X 76mm; 267 X 90mm | Weight: 462 grams | Damping: Intrinsic | Adjustments: Preload, rebound, Intrinsic Air, No-Tools Volume, high and low speed compression | Damper Shaft: 14mm Aluminum | Bushings: Steel/Teflon | Negative Spring: MCU | Package: Piggyback | Available Sizes: 8.75" X 2.75" through to 10.5" X 3.5"


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