Surly New Disc Hubs 2006

Surly  New Disc Hubs  2006

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Brand: Surly
Category: Hubs

Description: Single speed disc hubs for people like you. Much like our regular New hubs, but with a 6-bolt rotor mount. Fronts spaced 100mm, rears 135mm. Rear is standard English threaded 1.37" x 24 tpi for a single-speed freewheel. They use the same internals as the other hubs we offer. Black available with hollow QR axle. | | Color: Black or Silver | | Building some wheels and need our hub dimensions? Click here | | View a complete list of all our hubs here

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" As good as your freewheel has to offer "

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Reviewed on: 30th Apr 2007 from Singapore

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Arh, there is nothing more to this hub. The bearings are angular contact, that means i can run tthem for quite long.

But it needed to be tight with abti of drag to eliminate freeplay. Hmmm

comes with all the advantages of an ss hub, dish-less means stronger wheels, flange is high also means stroner wheels.

But it isnt very light compared to similar hubs like the dmr revolver. Plus the freewheel, its an overweighted hub

Freewheel setup means you cant run anything less than 16t.

It fully servicable. Bearigns spoilt, change, axle break, change, freewheel spoilt, change.

Its a hub you can use forever.

*high flange
*non dishing

*bearings need to be tight = drag
*not very light

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