Manitou Swinger Air SPV 3-Way 2007

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Brand: Manitou
Category: Rear Shocks

Description: No matter what kind of full suspension bike you ride, it will be more efficient, with better bump absorption, when fitted with a Swinger shock. Featuring Stable Platform Valve (SPV) damping technology, the Swinger 3-Way allows the rider to set up a pedaling platform threshold, externally, via an air shock. A Twin Tube Canister version of the Swinger 3-way (for a more linear spring rate) is also available. Though this option adds 65g to the weight of the shock, it increases performance on bikes with low leverage ratios and inherently rising rates. | | | Weight: 275 grams | Damping: SPV 3-Way | Adjustments: Air, SPV Platform Pressure, Rebound | Damper Shaft: Steel | Bushings: Steel/Teflon | Negative Spring: Auto Air | Air Canister: 3D forged & CNC'd | Eyelet Harware: 1-pc Al | Options: Twin Tube Canister | Package: Inline Reservoir | Available Sizes: Eye to Eye X Shaft Travel = 152 X 32 (6.0" X 1.25"); 165 X 38 (6.5" X 1.5"); 190 X 50 (7.5" X 2.0"); 200 X 50 (7.875" X 2.0")


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