HED Aerobar Alloy S-Bend 2006

HED  Aerobar Alloy S-Bend  2006

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Brand: HED
Category: Handlebars

Description: Tested most aero in numerous wind tunnel tests! Arm width, angle and height are infinitely adjustable, and so is wrist rotation. The distance from the stem to the brakes is the same as it is on a road bar. In a technical TT the brake levers are right where you left them on your road bike; you won't lose time entering corners too slowly because you are not sure if you can get on the brakes in time. The bar has a 26.0mm clamp section, it mounts on any front loading road stem, so you can select the correct rise and extension. When we had the ergodynamics down, we concentrated on making the bar itself aero, it became apparent that lowering frontal area was what would make the bar itself faster. A thin body and integrated brake levers decreases the frontal area compared to other bars. Placing the extensions in the same plane as the bar lowers the frontal area even more.


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