HED Aerobars 2006

HED  Aerobars  2006

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Brand: HED
Category: Handlebars

Description: Our carbon aero bar is the result of more than 50 hours of wind tunnel testing. To decrease both drag and weight, we?ve integrated brake levers. To keep you aero and powerful, the extensions and armrests are adjustable in all planes. Directional layup of the carbon fiber helps absorb vibration for ride comfort and control. | | The Aerobar now comes standard with S-Bend extensions. The extensions are available in carbon fiber or aluminum.


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" Dangerous "

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Reviewed on: 17th Jun 2009 from China

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I'm not for running down products, however if I think they are dangerous we all need to know about them and the HED Aerobars, this model and all the models that have the raised elbow cups, worse are the ones that ?flip up? when you don?t need them. After spending over S$1,200 for these bars and having to pay for break ends (no they don't come with them) plus a stem I thought I had the goods. Wrong. What I had were a fancy looking pair of bars that are poorly designed and very, very dangerous.
2 main issues. 1 it is almost impossible to tighten the S-Bends to the main Wing. I have never seen anyone do this successfully. During a race I almost lost control and went over the front of the bike when the main bar folded forward after hitting a small ditch across part of the course at about 40km. I have since removed the carbon stem going back to alloy as I can get the tension to where I feel safer. 2nd point is the elbow cups break off. They are held on by this small bracket and when you are on the S-Bends and if you hit a small hole or bump, if there is any sideways movement on them they fail. I have replaced them three times now and HED won?t acknowledge that they are an issue, which of course manufactures don?t. I would not be surprised to see them recalled in the future so steer clear, you can do way better.


Too light and poorly designed.

Duration of product used
1 year

Bike Setup
2008/09 Ceverlo P2C - Zipp 404 front, Zipp 900 Disc on rear. FSA Crank, Shimano Dura ace

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