White Industries M16 Disc Rear Hub 2006

White Industries  M16 Disc Rear Hub  2006

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Brand: White Industries
Category: Hubs

Description: Hand polished aluminum shell, ISO disc brake rotor mount, 15mm light weight cro-mo axle, three 6902-2rs bearings and two 6802-2rs bearings, case hardened cro-mo electroless nickel plated freehub body, 24t engagement drive ring. 341 grams

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" Bloody happy! "

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Reviewed on: 3rd Nov 2009 from Singapore

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I wanted to spend about S$450 for a wheelset. Initial plan was to use a XT hub but friend strongly urged me to blow the budget (Yeah...more than 2 times!) and go for the best (To me my main priority was to achieve low rolling resistance). He related a story to me where he did a rolling comparo with some of his pals. The WI was the last to stop rolling! (There was a TUNE & a HOPE PRO 2 amongst them). This strong recommendation actualy came from a TUNE owner!

When I first rode with the new wheelset, I wanted to murder him. I took a blind leap of faith and was told to expect a day/night difference. The hubs felt only minimal improvement.

However as the ride went on, the hubs were working better & better all the time. It has now been 3 weeks old and I can safely say... the WI hubs were the best investment I had put into the bike so far. Damn impressive!

WI hubs are very smooth, never seem to wanna stop rolling. Minimal effort needed to pedal from destination to destination.

If only it came in anodized colours and I wished it was a louder hub.

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Bike Setup
\'09 XTC Team frame XTR Shifters XTR FD XT RD XT Crank KCNC Bones OS Scandium flatbar KCNC Flyride stem 100 Carbon seatpost

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