Paul Word (singlespeed rear hub) 2001

Paul  Word (singlespeed rear hub)  2001

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Brand: Paul
Category: Hubs

Description: Wacky Onespeed Rear Device. Or WORD hub. | Besides it having the distinction of the widest hub shell ever produced, it is now widely copied. Like all our hubs it has the one-wrench adjust oversize hub bearings, strong oversized aluminum axle and shell, and canted spoke flanges. These flanges are canted a lot to match the extreme dishless spoke angle of the WIDE flange spacing. The flanges are as far apart as possible. The huge triangulation between the flanges, spokes, and rim make this possibly the world's strongest wheel. It's a good thing too, as the torque that has to be sent through a single speed mountain bike hub is enormous. Speaking and washer faces that keep it famously in place in horizontal dropouts. Our washers are a special brass design that keep things in place but also allow easy, non-galling wheel removal. Another PAUL exclusive is our use of premium quality stainless steel 8mm (large and strong) fixing bolts to keep things cinched up.

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