SRAM SRAM E-matic hub 2014

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Brand: SRAM
Category: Hubs

Description: Imagine riding against the wind, uphill, towing a suitcase full of luggage, and not even breaking a sweat. That's the power of SRAM E-matic, our brand new electric assist hub. It's an utterly simple system, not cluttered by displays, a tangle of cables, or complicated hardware. The enclosed and protected rear-wheel hub includes a torque-sensor, controller, motor, and an automatic transmission system. The torque-sensor monitors the rider’s effort and the controller delivers proportional motor assistance as needed. The transmission shifts automatically to ensure that the rider is always in the “right” gear, delivering power at low speeds for getting started or getting up hills, and efficiency at high speeds. | The battery includes a fuel gauge to monitor when it needs to be charged and is contained in a specially designed rear-carrier that is a fully-functional rack, including a spring-loaded cargo-clip. Battery packs are available in three separate sizes - 6Ah, 8Ah, and 10Ah – and suitable for short trips around town or long trips into the countryside. | How does SRAM E-matic work? At low speeds the hub motor delivers power in order to give the rider a boost and to help get started or climb hills. At higher speeds the transmission automatically shifts to a lower, more efficient gear, while still continuing to provide a boost as necessary.

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