Liteville SCS II Syntace Chain Guide System 2014

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Brand: Liteville
Category: Chain Guides & Tensioners

Description: The patent-pending SCS chain guide ( S yntace C hain guide S ystem) is the world's first, in all 27 or 30 and of voluntary reliable functioning during reverse pedaling chain guide. | Fits frame with factory Syntace SCS preparation, such as the Liteville 301 from Mk8, Liteville 901 from Mk1, Liteville 601 from Mk1. smooth running Extreme Extremely low friction even in the dry state ... in dirty, wet absolutely unrivaled. And no notorious Casters blockages in the mud. Extremely quiet and low friction by a highly contoured career (Pat. pend.) from our special gliding ... and a much larger, softer curved chain deflection radius. The Syntace SCS career corresponds to the turning radius of about 90 mm ​​(!) Large role. Or, expressed in percent, 220% of a conventional chain leadership. The result: The chain bends at the inlet and outlet of the chain guide less than half as much on ... chain link for chain link. Smarter Followers With its automatic tracking of the sliding block to the chain reduces the Syntace SCS Pat also continues the compressed state the annoying chain hitting or derailment: More smoothness and reliability than traditional chain guides, even at low compression in rough terrain.

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