Amoeba Cable 2012

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Brand: Amoeba
Category: Cables - Brakes

Description: IWS-TE112 | 1.1mm Shifing :Stainless+Slick+Teflon+Coating 4.3*4.5*200cm white | IWB-RTE1517 | 1.5mm Shifing :Stainless+Slick+Teflon+Coating Racing 6*10*170cm white | IWS-MTE1517 | 1.5mm Shifing :Stainless+Slick+Teflon+Coating MTB 7*6*170cm white | IWS-NA112 | 1.1mm Shifing :Stainless+Slick+Teflon+Nanometbr Coating 4.3*4.5*200cm white | IWB-RNA1517 | 1.5mm Shifing :Stainless+Slick+Teflon+Nanometbr Coating Racing 6*10*170cm white | IWB-MNA1517 | 1.5mm Shifing :Stainless+Slick+Teflon+Nanometbr Coating MTB 7*6*170cm white | IWS-DP112 | 1.1mm Shifing :Stainless+Slick+DU-PONT Teflon+Coating 4.3*4.5*200cm white | IWB-RDP1517 | 1.5mm Shifing :Stainless+Slick+DU-PONT Teflon+Coating Racing 6*10*170cm white | IWB-MDP1517 | 1.5mm Shifing :Stainless+Slick+DU-PONT Teflon+Coating MTB 7*6*170cm white

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