Shimano Tiagra

Shimano  Tiagra

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Brand: Shimano
Category: Brake Calipers

Description: Compact Design | Compact calipers and brake pads reduce flex to improve the responsive Super SLR action. | Lightweight Construction | Unnecessary mass has been strategically eliminated to provide maximum strength at minimum weight. | Dual-Pivot Design / Increased lever advantage for stronger, more controllable braking power. | Super SLR Action / Low-friction design makes more efficient use of lever power to enhance braking response | front and rear set | 49mm drop

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" Better then average "

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Reviewed on: 23rd Oct 2015 from Singapore Singapore

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Responsive and better braking then the Sora. Try it only once but upgraded after that to 105 and there after Ultegra.
A bit heavy if you are a weight weenie, but if you do't want to spend too much this is also a good set of brake to use. Shimano by far does not disappoint their user much with their product.

Good braking and inexpensive around 60 dollar or less.

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Tested Once Only

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