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" First Impression - not customer friendly. "

Overall Rating
Reviewed: 1st May 2016


+ Good Parking / Accessible by car.
- Limited brand / product / selection of MTB bikes and accessories.
+ / - Downhill / Enduro / 27.5 focused shop
+ Fair selection of bike bling / small piece parts / clamps / colors.
- We experienced loud music playing in shop vs. people trying to hear & talk in their loud phone conversations.
- We also experience ZERO customer service...no greeting , not even a hello or acknowledgement. Staff appears more interested in talking amongst themselves and not interested in customers or business.

Shop feels different than other mainstream shops. My first impression is that the shop staff is young and in-expererinced in customer service, and lacks consumer friendly best practices.

Word on the trail ...is that they are Ah Beng friendly....slack in attitude and slack in service. No interest in the rest of the market.

After our visit / experience ....My friends and I agree.....we will not run back anytime soon. Our first impressions were not confidence inspiring for me to spend any big money or entrust them to service any of my bikes.

Sadly.....A good example of how one first impression can hurt:
*3 persons in store as potential customers
*No bike love / No customer clove shown at all .........No business from me. *Missed opportunity...Now 3 persons as non-believers and will spend money elsewhere.

Good Luck......I hope their rent is cheap....... tick tock - tick tock.