Topeak is no stranger to the cycling industry. It has produced numerous accessories for bicycles from their popular pumps and blinkers to multi-tools and saddlebags. We’ve recently laid our hands on the latest WhiteLite Light System and played around with it. After dark of course.

Retina Ripping

The beefy Topeak WhiteLite runs on 2 pieces of lithium batteries that powers 3 ultra bright white LEDs. It has a plastic locking bracket, a rubber bracket strap and a piece of rubber insulator on the concave side of the blinker. The yellow “Topeak” rubber-embossed logo is where the on/off switch and all I can say after pressing it was… “Argh!! It’s got retina-ripping performance!!!” (was silly enough to point into my eyes). A second push of the button puts the “WhiteLite” into blinking mode. However, the blinking mode was set at a relatively slow rate of half a second.

Mounting It

The blinker clipped easily on my Answer Protaper handlebar, pulling the rubber strap to latch it to the plastic-locking bracket. The instructions specify that the diameter for the WhiteLite to clip comfortably on handlebars is anywhere between 22.2mm and 26.2mm. I tried hopping around on my bike a little and the “WhiteLite” sat firmly on the handlebar. A word of warning though, the instructions stated that the plastic locking bracket must not be swung too far forward as damage will occur. It is also not to be submerged underwater although its light body is waterproof.

Ride and Shine

The WhiteLite serves more as a “be-seen” headlight rather than keeping you on the path or hammering the ghostly trails at night. Although the WhiteLite may look glitzy, its primary objective was confirmed during my test rides.

On a particular night ride when I was riding along a pavement in Little India, I encountered head on with about six or seven cyclists coming straight at me from about 500m away. Did a little angle adjustment on the pack and I could see them all filtering away from my path.

Judgement Day

A good headlight to “be-seen” by others and not forgetting to blind oncoming traffic with. But not an ideal choice to keep you away from squishing toads in the middle of a trail in the night. If you are thinking of using the WhiteLite to fill the dark path ahead, well that’s only going to be possible if all the street lights are not working on that night.


Function: on/off, steady-on and blinking
Bulb: 3 L.E.D. /100000 hrs
Battery: Lithium Battery “CR2032” x 2 pcs
Burn Time: 60 hours (constant use)