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Togoparts Editorial Team | 13th Apr 2017 |

2016 Cyclist’s Choice Awards – Special Mention

For OMX it is highly important to give our riders the best equipment and the best support. The relationship between OMX and Knight is a new one but we already feel that we have both of these key factors from our new partners.

CEO and Co-Founder of Knight Composites, Beverly Lucas, says, “When we embarked on our journey into off-road, we tested every competitor wheel on the market – the wheels we knew we would be compared to and challenged by. Wheels designed by engineers we already had a lot of respect for, who earned it by constantly innovating to make better products. That’s where we set our benchmark, and so finding the right team to compliment that intent, to train and race on our wheels and offer solid feedback on a global level, was absolutely paramount. The young men and women at Novus OMX Pro Team told us they wanted to become the world’s number one XC race team by Tokyo 2020, beginning by chasing places at Rio and winning races on the World Cup circuit and other important events, and this totally resonated with our small team here across the pond in Oregon. The drive to win is, of course, very important to have in your heart if you’re striving to be a champion, but it’s also important to go out every day on the bike knowing you can depend on equipment that will give you that edge, no matter how long you’ve been in the sport. So that’s what we hope we can bring to the table for OMX andwe couldn’t be more excited to be their partner for 2016 and beyond.”

We very much look forward to rolling out on Knight wheels in 2016.

Together, #weareOMX.

Jet Hobby is a local retail shop which originally started with the sale and supply of radio controlled aircraft as well as parts and accessories to build, repair or modify all manners and types of aircraft models, in their early days when drones were still rarely found in Singapore, helicopters and airplanes are the mainstay of radio controlled aircraft and in their shop, you could find all sorts of raw materials, parts, repair or build kits as well as a whole complete selection of specialized electronics and controllers to enable the user to not only get their aircraft off the ground, but to keep them flying in the air gracefully and skillfully and then land it back down just as carefully as well, and if there was ever an occasion where take-offs, flights and landings did not go as planned or as intended, you would certainly be able to find a replacement or repair part among the thousands of items that they had handing on the many display isles in the shop.

Shop in Ubi not only sold model aircraft, parts and accessories, but they also started selling some basic cycling and bicycle accessories.

Move forward a couple of years later and their bigger shop in Ubi not only sold model aircraft, parts and accessories, but they also started selling some basic cycling and bicycle accessories, such as bike lights, bags and pouches to attach to your bike to carry some small items while cycling, internal tubes, bike stands, rear racks plus more items that you might need to to carry as spares or to fit your bike with for added safety or convenience. As the years went by, Jet Hobby also continued following the latest cycling trends and at one point, they even had a couple of very nice looking performance folding bikes for sale in their shop, keeping pace with the folding bikes craze that was growing steadily in Singapore and getting more and more popular by the day. Although there were some models that would be perfect for your daily commute to and from the office, with their basic specs and very affordable price tags, there were also some models that could give some entry road bikes a good run for their money in terms of price and performance, but they had one huge advantage, they could be folded into half of its original size for ease of transport and storage.

Bigger shop in Ubi.

Their latest move to a new shop along Changi Road is now a completely different concept altogether, because once you reach their shop, you will be greeted by a big sign stating ‘Bike Accessories’, and you will not be disappointed once you step into the shop, for it is truly a cyclist’s heaven with a plethora of bike accessories, parts and components on sale, even their range of tools is impressive, you could probably service or repair your entire bike with the tools they have available for sale. Que in Jet Cycle. Jet Cycle is the new name for the bicycle centric accessories venture.

A new shopfront for Jet Cycle along Changi Road

Once you set foot into their new shop, your greeted by a big range of cycling helmets, in different designs, sizes, styles and colours, and to your right will be a big range of cycling apparel as well, also offered in various designs, colours and sizes, you will definitely be able to find a matching helmet and outfit to exactly match your ride’s colour scheme. If you need some bike storage solution to safely store your precious bikes, there are also a few models displayed in the shop, even some floor to ceiling types which will enable you to hang up to four bikes, two on both sides of the rack.

A big range of cycling apparels.

Perhaps the most innovative product in the shop is their unique bike stand, as it is actually mounted to your crank instead of to the bike’s frame, this new bike stand enables you to easily flick it down with your foot so that the stand comes into contact with the floor to enable your bike to stand upright, and when it is not required, a light flick will flip it back behind your crank arm so that it doesn’t get in the way while cycling, this bike stand is so inconspicuous, no one would ever notice it while it is tucked away behind the crank arm, and the best thing is the relatively low price for this bike stand, considering that it’s made from aluminum with stainless steel fittings and a rubber o-ring as a spring so that nothing can rust and corrode.

The most innovative product in the shop is their unique bike stand, as it is actually mounted to your crank instead of to the bike’s frame.


Jet Cycle

148 Changi RD, Singapore 419727



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