Foldable / Commuter Discipline Categories

TOGOPARTS Cyclists Choice Awards 2015: Foldie/Commuter Brand

Winner: Tern

1st Runner up: Brompton

2nd Runner up: Dahon

Notable mention: Tyrell

Taiwan’s Tern is the winner of this category. Tern’s Verge and Eclipse ranges make up their best-sellers in Singapore, and with a great ride, easy fold and a class-defining 10-year warranty. Tern bikes fold using an N-Fold technology that rotates the front wheel 180 degrees while keeping the handlebar facing straight. It has been described as “very intuitive” and “takes about 10 seconds” to fold. They also come in a really wide range of colourways and sizes too, which may explain their popularity.

Besides bicycles, Tern also produces a line of bike accessories under the Tern name as well as “Built for Tern” items under sister brand BioLogic. Its items range from carrying bags and cases, to racks, fenders, a multi-tool, to name a few.

The bikes are distributed by foldie specialist shops, including BRUBRU2Chapter 2 CycleL & T CycleMy Bike Shop Too!My Bike Shop Tres. Some of the Tern products can also be found on our Togoparts Estore.


TOGOPARTS Cyclists Choice Awards 2015: Foldie/Commuter Wheelsets

Winner: ControlTech

1st Runner up: Shimano & Brompton

2nd Runner up: Tyrell

Notable mention: Dahon

Component maker ControlTech was an easy winner in this category. Since its inception, the company has developed a reputation for designing and manufacturing lightweight, durable alloy bicycle components.

In past few decades, they widened their exploration into carbon, scandium and titanium, and the result is a reputation for premium wheelsets, precise tolerances and high welding craftsmanship. This has resulted in their 451 series of wheels, which come in carbon and alloy variants, and are highly rated for their weight, strength and price points.


TOGOPARTS Cyclists Choice Awards 2015: Foldie/Commuter Tyres

Winner: Schwalbe

1st Runner up: Kenda

2nd Runner up: Maxxis.

Notable mention: Panaracer

German tyre maker Schwalbe, which has been making tyres since the turn of the 20th century, was the overwhelming favourite. Popular commuter tyres in the Schwalbe range includes the Schwalbe Ultremo ZXMarathon Plus and Ironman. You can get these tyres from the Togoparts Estore.

Panaracer, a Japanese tyre company making tyres since 1953 has also been gaining popularity in recent years. They are distributed and available at The Bike Settlement.


TOGOPARTS Cyclists Choice Awards 2015: Foldie/Commuter Saddles

Winner: Brooks

1st Runner up: Rido

2nd Runner up: Fizik

Notable mention: Bontrager

The bums of foldie and commuter bikers all love Brooks England, even though their hand-made and chamfered leather saddles cost a pretty penny. Based in Smethwick, West Midlands, England, the saddle specialist has been making leather goods since 1866, but are perhaps best known for their saddles, which mould to the shape of a rider’s bottom as time wears on.

Brooks saddles are not cheap – but they are the perfect choice for riders who plan to spend a lot of time on the bike and ride long distances.


TOGOPARTS Cyclists Choice Awards 2015: Foldie/Commuter Pedals

Winner: Shimano

1st Runner up: Wellgo

2nd Runner up: HT Components

Notable mention: Crank Brothers

The Big ‘S’ Shimano, in what will be a repeated sweep of the pedals categories, does well for itself here, with the majority of votes won. There’s their great pricing, reliability and a wide range for every discipline going for them, but there’s no doubt that SPD is a major reason why they’ve won.

Shimano Pedaling Dynamics, also known as the SPD system, is Shimano’s proprietary design of clipless bicycle pedals. The SPD pedal was released by Shimano in 1990, and has become a mainstay component in many a cyclist’s quiver of bikes. Its innovation lies in its small cleat, which fits in a recess in the sole of an SPD shoe – which also allows for easy walking when off the bike.

With Shimano’s dominance of bike components – 50% of the global market – SPD quickly became the standard for clipless – and who else would love the convenience of being able to walk about after a ride, more than bike commuters?

Shimano pedals are distributed by Rodalink, which has five outlets all around Singapore – Jurong EastCommonwealthUpper East Coast, and Woodlands.