Cane Creek Ergo Control 2001

Cane Creek  Ergo Control  2001

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Brand: Cane Creek
Category: Bar Ends

Description: Dual compound molded construction with aluminium skeleton | Ergonomic hand-shaped profile

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" Costly Comfort "

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Reviewed on: 28th Dec 2003 from Singapore

The Review
it gives you better handling, but at a cost. you get what you pay for, but you gotta be sure you use it often enough to justify it. for people with a certain masochistic fetish for rocky uphill climbs. recreational and casual cyclists would be better off with cheaper options. note: may not be compatible with some handlebars. (this i can't really remember, but please make sure the bar ends you buy won't damage the handlebars you put them on)

*better handling of bike on climbs since the bar ends are positioned along the same axis as the handlebar instead of above it like normal bar ends.
*comfortable ergonomic grip. all i can say is it is damn shiok to hold man.

*REALLY expensive.
*do you really need it? gotta think more than twice.
*limits your bar end options (like mirrors) as it fits over it.
*for those who got for looks, it comes in only one colour: black rubber.

Duration of product used
3 months

Bike Setup
MTB: GT Avalanche 1.0 2003, Maxxis Xenith 1.5 tires. | Road: To be bought in the not so near future.

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