Hammer Gel Hammer Gel 2007

Hammer Gel  Hammer Gel  2007

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Brand: Hammer Gel
Category: Sports Nutrition

Description: For over a decade, Hammer Gel has been the benchmark of concentrated carbohydrate energy, primarily because of what it doesn?t contain?Hammer Gel has no added refined, simple sugars and artificial colors or sweeteners. Choose either single-serving pouches or the cost-effective jugs for even, reliable energy, not the ?flash and crash? of sugar-loaded products. You get only what?s good for you: complex carbohydrates, natural ingredients, and real fruit. The result is a great tasting concentrated fuel source that goes down and digests easier than any other energy gel. Hammer Gel is versatile as well ? you can drink it straight, add it to your water bottle, or combine it with Sustained Energy, HEED, and Perpeteum to create a variety of tasty energy combinations for any length activity, anywhere, anytime! | | Benefits: | | Consistent, reliable energy - no sugar crash | Easy to consume and assimilate, gentle on the stomach | Versatile and economical | Made with real fruit and wholesome ingredients | The four amino acids that are in Hammer Gel - l-leucine, l-isoleucine, l-valine, l-alanine - are vegan-friendly, being derived from corn. | Gluten free | Note: Gels are sold in box of 12 single-serving pouches.

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