Shimano XTR M900 1995

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Brand: Shimano
Category: Cantilevers / V-brakes

Description: The M900 cantilever has cold forged arms for strength. Cold forging takes rough aluminum shapes and squeezes them using dies to successively bring them to the desired shape. | | Mechanical explanation of the XTR brake. The arms are a low profile design and made hollow to reduce weight where possible. The arms are polished after forging and clear anodized to make them Silver. The M900 comes in the 1994 model year with one-piece molded brake pads that have steel reinforcements and an aluminum mounting post. In the 1995 model year Shimano will sell the M900 with the M-70 pad used on the 1994 XT. Please read about them in the Brake Pad section of this article. Each arm's internal tension spring and the bushings they revolve are accessible. The pivot axle is made of carefully machined steel that slides inside a Teflon? lined outer sleeve with copper bushings. The right arm has a single adjusting screw to balance the spring tension between the arms. This cap screw has a recessed 2mm hex fitting and the needed 2mm hex wrench isn't provided. The brake pad is mounted to the front of the arm. | | The M900 uses a five parts to hold and pivot the brake pad. Four of them, the pad holder piece, the pad holding base washer, a flat washer and the tightening nut are made of steel. Shimano makes from aluminum the concave rear washer. Any of the 3 SRP Ti replacement pad holders can work to replace the steel ones used on the M900. The XTR cable carrier is what might be called "semi-traditional". It uses a steel straddle wire with lead anchors at both ends. One of the lead ends fits into the top of the left arm, the other is held securely by the carrier. The carrier is made of two aluminum plates that are held together by a small steel bolt with a 5mm hex fitting that is cinched by an 8mm steel hex nut. The carrier steel bolt set weighs 3.5 grams. The brake cable inner wire passes through the carrier between the plates and rubs against the steel bolt. When the cable is tightened the carrier's pitch is changed smoothing the cable's transition. The brake inner wire is cinched to the top of the right arm by a steel bolt with 5mm by .8mm pitched threads with a 9mm length. This bolt has an 8mm outer hex head and a 2.5 gram weight. Each M900 comes with two steel 6mm by 1mm mounting bolts that are 14.5mm long and two aluminum washers that close off the top of the brake's pivot. Each of the steel bolts weighs 3.75 grams. The brake pads weighs 45 grams. End of mechanical.

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" beautiful "

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Reviewed on: 25th Feb 2007 from Singapore

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buy this if you have time to play with it and money to spend. It improves the look of your old bike tremendously

beautiful finish
low profile

hard to install and adjust
pad inserts impossible to find

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1 year

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