Surly Stainless steel chainrings 2006

Surly  Stainless steel chainrings  2006

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Brand: Surly
Category: Chainrings

Description: Why the heck would we produce chainrings when there are already so many chainrings on the market? Because stainless chainrings are tougher than aluminum chainrings. For single-speed and tandem timing chain applications, where the wear isn't shared between 2 or 3 chainrings, our rings will outlast and outperform aluminum. You can certainly use them for multi-chainring applications, but they aren't ramped or pinned, so shifting up to to our ring (used as a middle or outer ring) might be a bit slower than what you are used to. Our rings are compatible with 6-speed to 8-speed chains. 9-speed and 10-speed chains may fit tightly on our rings until they've been used for awhile. | | Sizes: 94mm BCD x 30t-36t (all sizes) | 104mm BCD x 32t-36t (all sizes) | 110mm BCD x 34t, 35t, 36t & 38t

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