Hammer Gel Singles 2006

Hammer Gel  Singles  2006

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Brand: Hammer Gel
Category: Sports Nutrition

Description: * Consistent, reliable energy - no sugar crash | * Easy to consume and assimilate, gentle on the stomach | * Versatile and economical | * Made with real fruit and wholesome ingredients | * The four amino acids that are in Hammer Gel - l-leucine, l-isoleucine, l-valine, l-alanine - are vegan-friendly, being derived from corn.

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" Taste good! "

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Reviewed on: 21st Sep 2006 from Singapore

The Review
This New Zealand company got its cards right when they came out with something edible; the gels taste really palatable, I think even children would like it as a snack haha....
Then u get hypersuperactive kids running around.... (Just kidding k haha)

Performance wise it also delivers what it advertises on the satchet.... maybe also coz it tastes so nice?

Thumbs up!

Tastes gooooooood..... Tastes like real food actually, coz it's supposed to be made from real food haha.... Tastes like delicious jam for the raspberry.....
The expresso, plain favours also taste really good... The gel is not thick also, the thickness is like honey.... Yum....
Affordable too....

Can't think of any at the moment...

Duration of product used
Not Sure

Bike Setup
FSR XC, moved my previous parts over to the new frame..... :) No flashy parts here~

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