Mortop Pully wheels 2015

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Brand: Mortop
Category: Jockey Wheels

Description: Product Description | Each pulley is machined from light and strong 7075 AL. | | Extra machining has lowered the weight to 5.6g per speed wheel. Dirt should accumulate less in the wider holes. | | There is a little lateral movement to enable a better chainline. | | Replace those tired black plastic ones that come with most derailleurs. | | Fits most derailleurs. If your current jockey wheel has a hole in the middle and has 11 teeth these should work. Works with 8, 9, 10, 11 etc speed systems. | | Tested thoroughly in tough conditions, holding up well. | | | Model:PW1S/PW1C | Teeth:11T Shimano | Bearing:Cartridge/Ceramic | Weight:5.9/5.8grams | | Model:PW2S/PW2C | Teeth:10T Sram | Bearing:Cartridge/Ceramic | Weight:5.4/5.3grams

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