Powerbar Endurance Sport Drink 2004

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Brand: Powerbar
Category: Sports Nutrition

Description: PowerBar Endurance Sport Drink | Power up with great tasting lemon-lime PowerBar Endurance Sport Drink for ideal hydration and muscle fuelling to help extend endurance. It's 7% carbohydrate concentration maximizes the fuel delivered to muscles, while keeping you optimally hydrated with a great taste that keeps you drinking. The formula is designed for rapid fluid absorption and a high level of sodium, the key electrolyte lost in sweat. | An ideal balance of energy and hydration that extends endurance during demanding physical activities. Mix some up for your next challenge! | Maximizes energy uptake with a 7% concentration of simple and complex carbohydrates | Optimally hydrates with a high level of sodium, the key electrolyte lost in sweat | Great taste keeps you drinking when you need it most | Combines easily with water and has mixing directions for all popular hydration systems, from bottles to bladders

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