Shimano XTR 980 series 2013

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Brand: Shimano
Category: Group Sets

Description: This new thoroughbred kit is starts with Shimano's first-ever off-road two-ring race crank, which comes in carefully calculated CloseStep gear combinations to match riders' individual style, terrain, and horsepower. With 38-, 40- and 42-tooth Primary Driving Gear choices—not to mention an optional, Herculean 44-tooth ring intended for pros only—the only factor limiting how fast you can go is how much power you can produce. | | And despite weighing in under 700 grams, this purpose-built race crank maintains all the pipe billet steel-axle strength and cold-forged Duraluminum durability that XTR cranks are famous for. Shimano has also parlayed its already best-in-class front shifting into the two-ring crank game with a new short-cage, double-ring-specific front derailleur that seamlessly shifts an off-road-specific 10-speed XTR chain. | | Complementing those race-day shifts up front, the new Dyna-Sys 10-speed rear derailleur/shifter combination provides smooth, consistent actuation and remarkable stability through rutted washboard racecourses. | | It all adds up to mindlessly fast shifting, and gives racers fewer excuses for losing and even more ways to win. It’s not for everyone, but for those up to the challenge, XTR Race delivers like never before.

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