Rock N Roll X Fusion Spacing Shock Bush's CNC Alloy 7075 2012

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Brand: Rock N Roll
Category: Rear Shocks

Description: Brand : X-Fusion | | Model: Shock 'Top Hat' Spacing Bushes | | These are the Top Hat shaped CNC 7075 Alloy bushes found in pairs at both ends of every shock. | X-Fusion have produced shocks now for over 10 years and are fitted by most major manufacturers. | Easy to replace and available in a large range of sizes. | Sold as a single bush so you require two for each end of the shock (ie. 4 per shock) | Size is based on the flange thickness in mm. | To work out size required, measure across the flats of the bushes in place, Take away 14 mm and halve the remainder. | This will give you the flange width of one bush. Available in 1mm increments from 1mm to 18mm. | Remember there are two hole diameters, 8mm and 6mm so check before specifying. | It is recommended when fitting new Top Hat bushes that you also fit new DU Bush. | EXAMPLE: YOUR BUSHES MEASURE 36mm ACROSS THE FLATS. | | TAKE AWAY 14mm. LEAVING 22 mm. HALF THE REMAINDER = 11mm. | | THEREFORE BUSH REQUIRED IS 11mm.

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