Aerozine Bikes 2x10 BCD104/64 2012

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Brand: Aerozine Bikes
Category: Chainrings

Description: 7075 Aluminum, CNC Machined. | Available chainrings: 42-29T, 40-27T, 39-26T and 36-22T | 2x10 MTB chainrings only Compatible with BCD104/64 4-Arm manufactured under Shimano specifications cranks. | | -Item Code:2x10 42-29T AL-7075T6 Fully CNC-Machined | -CH-42-104-70-4-08:BCD104 42T Chainring 63.3g | -CH-29-64-70-3-08:BCD64 29T Chainring 35.4g | -Item Code:x10 40-27T AL-7075T6 Fully CNC-Machined | -CH-40-104-70-4-08:BCD104 40T Chainring 52.4g | -CH-27-64-70-3-08:BCD64 27T Chainring 29g | -Item Code:2x10 39-26T AL-7075T6 Fully CNC-Machined | -CH-39-104-70-4-08:BCD104 39T Chainring 75g | -CH-26-64-70-3-08:BCD64 26T Chainring 24.3g | -Item Code:2x10 36-22T AL-7075T6 Fully CNC-Machined | -CH-36-104-70-4-08:BCD104 36T Chainring 50g | -CH-22-64-70-3-08:BCD64 22T Chainring 16g | -Color:Black

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