Science in sports Colostrum 2011

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Brand: Science in sports
Category: Sports Nutrition

Description: 200g Colostrum supplement. | | Colostrum is the first milk a mother produces after giving birth, and as such is very high in essential growth and immune function nutrients. At Science in Sport we only use the first two milkings after birth, meaning there are as many nutrients as possible in our colostrum. | | During heavy workouts and at times of hunger, the body tends to switch to burning its own protein instead of fat. Studies have shown that colostrum can shift fuel utilization from carbohydrates to fat, essentially preventing the body from using carbohydrate as a primary fuel source and almost completely stopping the use of protein. The additional growth factors in colostrum also stimulates the transport of glucose within the muscle, making efficient fuel more readily available. | | Each time we exercise strenuously, we cause minor damage to muscle tissue and cartilage. IgF-1 and other compounds such as Transforming Growth Factors A & B are known to enhance the healing, repair and synthesis of muscles, cartilage, RNA and DNA. Colostrum is the only natural source of these vital growth and healing factors. | | Colostrum has also been shown to support the immune system by enhancing the uptake and assimilation of nutrients, carbohydrate and amino acids thorugh the intestines. It also helps to improve the health of the intestine itself and potentially prevents invasion of unwanted organisms and ulceration. | | | Recommended serving of 20g per day during periods of intense training. Colostrum is best taken with Rego or Nocte.

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