Science in sports Beta Alanine 2011

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Brand: Science in sports
Category: Sports Nutrition

Description: 180g Beta Alanine supplement. | | Beta alanine is the limiting factor in the production of the intra-muscular buffer carnosine. An increase in carnosine decreases the rate at which lactic acid is produced, resulting in a substantially extended period of muscular effort, particularly during anaerobic exercise. | | A level scoop will give an accurate 1g serving of Beta Alanine. A 4-6g dose per day, divided into two or three 2g doses is the best way to take Beta Alanine. Absorption is increased when taken with food and becuase the powder is flavourless it can be easily added to meals. | | | Beta Alanine ingredients: | Beta alanine (56%), maltodextrin.

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