Turner DHR 2009

Turner  DHR  2009

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Brand: Turner
Category: MTB Frames: Hard-Tails

Description: In Downhill racing you only have a few minutes to make your day. This no place for heavy, sluggish freeride sleds or halk baked linkage curves; Only a purpose built downhill bike puts you within reach of the podium. Building upon 8 years of DHR geometry excellence this race bike will have you railing corners and gaining speed when others are feathering their brakes. | | Using the newest version of the World Championship proven dw-link, this bike will out accelerate evey other design on the race course. With the patented anti-squat technology the rear suspension won't lock out under power, allowing the rear tire to hook up white you rip out the corners. | | | Travel: 8.3 inches (210 mm) | Weight: 9.5 pounds (4.31kg) | Class: Worldcup Down Hill Race | | | Specifications | | Shock: Fox DHX 5.0 (9.5 x 3) | Tech: DW-Link | R.Axle: 150 x 12 Thru (included) | Guide: ISCG OS | | | Stock Colours: Race Yellow / Semi-Gloss Black

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