Terrible One Garrett Byrnes (SFA) Signature Frame 2008

Terrible One  Garrett Byrnes (SFA) Signature Frame  2008

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Brand: Terrible One
Category: MTB Frames: Hard-Tails

Description: The heading above is soon to read 2009 Garrett Byrnes frame. The onli drawback is that not a one of these was procuded after the orignal prototype that Garrett is still riding. We have had tons of great comments and interest from y'all. Thank you. Truth is, we ran into some problems with where they were to be made. Some things fell through at the last moment. Now we are on the up and up and may have these rolling soon... damn, at least I hope so because these sure are sweet. For those of you that dun know, here are the changes from the last Garrett frames we made. The dropouts on these are smaller. New shape and thinner. The dropouts on the production frames will even be slightly different than the ones pictured on the prototype. The toptube/seat stay junction has been modified and shortened. Gives it a bit of a tighter look. Very nice. The down tube gusset by the headtube has been redesigned and made smaller as well. Stay tuned for more information. | | | - Headtube angle: 74.5 degrees | - Seat tube angle: 71 degrees | - Toptube and Downtube diameter: 1.5" | - Seatstay diameter: 3/4" | - Tapered chainstays | - Intergrated headtube drilled and threaded to accept FLY guiri bolt on tabs | - Spanish Bottom Bracket | - Shortened brake mounts for more clearance | - Rear end length: 13.75"-14.25" | -dropouts: 3/16 heat treated

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