Campagnolo Record

Campagnolo  Record

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Brand: Campagnolo
Category: Brake Calipers

Description: Record brakes are the reference for braking power, control, and braking modulation against which all others are judged. | The Record brakes were significantly lightened through the use of special alloys even as the cast arches remained the exact same. | the new "differential" Record braking system: its front and rear brake arches are different. Despite its being one of the lightest brake sets in the world, its braking distances and ease of use remains the same as the previous Record. Only the weight is different: it's lower. It has become the new standard by which all other brakes will be judged.

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" Life saver "

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Reviewed on: 21st Aug 2005 from Singapore

The Review
Basically, this one serves VERY well.
Ignore the price, it will provide you with the necessary brake movements when a reckless driver cuts your lane. Reduces the speed down from 60km/h to 25km/h within 10m. That saved me.

Very reactive to every movement of the brake levers, so be careful not to tamper with the lever lest you want to fly with the bike.

- very reactive


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Not Sure

Bike Setup
Some white frame with parts that make me smile.. :)

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